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UniCaps is the name of our company, which manufactures the capsules with great expertise and care. MY CUPS is the umbrella brand under which we offer organic coffee of the brand MY COFFEE CUP and organic tea of the brand MY TEA CUP.

We are as enthusiastic tea connoisseurs as we are coffee connoisseurs. We want to expand the possibilities of your Nespresso®³, because it can prepare not only coffee but also tea capsules, depending on your needs and the time of day.

We offer first-class organic teas and the best organic coffee in capsules made from predominantly (at least 62%) renewable raw materials. The result is an excellent, natural taste with ecological awareness, quickly and easily. We combine tradition with modernity and sustainability. We offer the sustainable alternative with capsules that are produced CO₂-neutral¹.


All our products come from controlled organic farming in accordance with the current provisions of the EU regulations on organic production. Organic means making a contribution to the protection of the environment and climate on site at the coffee and tea farmers: Soils without synthetic pesticides, preservation of biodiversity and clean drinking water.

Our capsules have been certified² by TÜV Austria and DIN CERTCO and are made of an industrially compostable material that complies with the European standard EN 13432. This means that they can be biodegraded in industrial composting plants within a short time. Conventional plastic capsules made of non-compostable material only decompose into ever smaller parts, the so-called microplastics, which still pollute the environment even after hundreds of years.

Our capsule products are climate neutral over the entire life cycle, i.e. from the cultivation of the organic coffee and tea to the disposal of the product. So, you can't go wrong with the MY CUPS capsules and always make an ecological contribution. During waste processing, CO₂ neutrality means that only as much CO₂ is emitted as was previously bound by the natural raw materials of the capsules or compensated by us through our support of climate protection projects.

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Our Certified Organic Coffees

The MY COFFEE CUP range currently includes 11 delicious types of organic coffee.
Classics: Espresso Fortissimo, Espresso Intenso, Espresso Barista, Lungo Bellissimo, Ristretto Italiano and Lungo Caffè Crema.
Specialities: Caffè Caramel and Caffè Vanilla.
The exotic: Single Origin Colombia and Single Origin Ethiopia
The caffeine-free: Single Origin Mexico

Our coffee is not decaffeinated chemically but via a gentle water method.

We are constantly expanding our range by developing new tasty varieties.

We only use organic certified coffee of selected quality.

Our organic coffees are cultivated on sustainably managed plantations in Central America, South America and Africa - including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Ethiopia.

There is excellent decaffeinated organic coffee from MY COFFEE CUP! Our Single Origin Mexico is an aromatic single origin, which makes the heart of connoisseurs beat faster without any caffeine.

Our Certified Organic Teas

MY TEA CUP currently offers 16 high-grade organic tea varieties.
Black teas: English Breakfast, Golden Darjeeling and Earl of Grey
Green teas: Green Queen Sencha and Princess Jasmine
Fruit teas: Happy Fruits und Very Berry
Herbal teas: Mint Intense, Lemon Grass, Fennel Anise Elixir, Royal Rooibos Vanilla and Charm of Chai Wellness teas: Teetox, Good Night, Stay Balanced and Energy Boost.

Our product line is permanently growing as we develop tasty new blends.

We only use organic certified teas and herbal blends of excellent quality.

All our organic teas and herbal blends come from controlled organic cultivation. We purchase our ingredients from renowned retailers and in some cases directly from local producers.

We only use natural teas, herbs, fruits and flavours. There are no artificial additives in our organic products.

With Aroma Technology, we have developed a mechanical crushing process that reduces the classic infusion time of tea to a few seconds. So the full aroma of our organic teas comes unadulterated into your cup at the touch of a button!
The special process creates a larger surface area, which allows the water to penetrate the tea leaves very quickly and effectively dissolve the essential oils. In addition, the high pressure in the capsule machine supports the complete development of the aroma in only 40 seconds.

Our Capsules

To offer you a sustainable alternative that helps to avoid mountains of waste. So you can enjoy delicious organic coffee and organic tea from the capsule machine without unnecessarily polluting the environment!

To do something good for you and the environment and to send a clear signal for CO₂ neutrality¹ as well as to avoid waste mountains. So you can prepare delicious organic coffee and organic tea at the touch of a button and at the same time contribute to more sustainability - enjoyment with a clear conscience!

Our capsules are oxygen-tight and aroma-protected and therefore have a very long shelf life - the organic tea capsules expire three years after production and the organic coffee capsules at least 18 months. You will find the exact expiry date on the packaging.

All our capsules are industrially compostable, contain no aluminum and are not based on petroleum. Our capsules consist mainly (at least 62%) of renewable resources such as lignin, a component of wood, as well as natural starch and glucose.

The paper lid is also industrially compostable.

One box contains 10 of our MY CUPS capsules.
The 10+2 boxes contain 12 capsules.
A Mega-Box contains 100 capsules.

No, you can simply store MY CUPS capsules dry and at room temperature in the kitchen.

Yes, MY CUPS capsules are certified as bio-based⁴ and carry several certificates² for industrial compostability. All teas and coffees are certified organic.

You can dispose of your used capsules, after consultation with the municipal waste disposal company, in your bio bin or with a clear conscience in the residual waste.
Some industrial composting plants are designed for the short rotting period of fruit or garden waste, for example. Due to the longer rotting period of the capsules, they are partially sorted out and end up in an incineration plant.
As the capsules are certified as climate neutral¹, no additional CO₂ is released into the atmosphere when incinerated in a waste incineration plant.

All MY CUPS products are vegan and gluten-free. The suppliers of organic teas and organic coffees have confirmed to us that the products do not contain any allergens.


The organic coffee capsules from MY COFFEE CUP fit into common Nespresso®³ capsule machines.
MY TEA CUP organic tea capsules are available for Nespresso®³ machines, as well.
The capsules cannot be used in Miele built-in machines, nor can they be used for the Nespresso®³ -Pro system and the Nespresso®³ Vertuo® Line System.
Further capsule formats are in preparation.

Our organic capsules were specially developed for capsule machines in the Nespresso®³ systems, so they cannot damage them. We also continuously check the smooth functionality of new models. Manufacturers may not refuse warranty claims.

Our packaging indicates the right amount of water to give the best taste. Our tea capsules for Nespresso®³ machines are optimised for approx. 220 ml, i.e. two large cups. You prepare espresso and ristretto (40 ml) by pressing the button with the small cup symbol once. All other types produce 110 ml of delicious organic coffee, which corresponds to pressing the button with the large cup symbol once.

Sometimes it can happen that coffee in capsules condenses due to transport and the brewing result is influenced by this. If you shake the organic capsule briefly before use, nothing stands in the way of organic enjoyment!

No problem! In our online shop we offer you different boxes at fair prices, which contain a selection of our organic coffees and organic teas as well as a suitable capsule machine.

For business customers

We will be happy to send you a quote tailored to meet your business needs. Please turn to our business client support at or refer to the contact possibilities provided on our website.

We offer special conditions for business customers, including payment on account and, in future, convenient subscriptions. We would be happy to make you an offer, please contact us!

Payment and shipping

Currently we deliver within Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the United Kingdom and France. In our online shop you can choose the shop for your country before you order. If you would like to order our capsules outside the countries listed, please contact us via our contact form and we will find a solution for you.

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Of course, you can also specify a different delivery address. Simply enter the address details when ordering.

If you have received incorrect or damaged goods, you can return unopened goods to us free of charge within 14 days. Simply send us a message via the contact form

After receipt of the goods, you will immediately receive your refund or replacement delivery. We recommend that you use the original package for sending the return.

Further questions and feedback

For general questions just send an e-mail to info@MY
If you have any questions about your order or complaints, please contact our support via the contact form.