We combine coffee and tea tradition with a modern lifestyle for taste lovers around the world.

With My-Cups we offer organic coffee and organic tea under the brands My-CoffeeCup and My-TeaCup. Free of aluminium and compostable**. For Nespresso®* machines.

 my-cups mission

Our Mission

The idea to combine modern consumption with sustainable, conscious behavior is at the heart of our commitment. In order to facilitate health, happiness and prosperity, we are striving to inspire as many people as possible to buy high-quality, environment-friendly organic coffee and tea. Therefore, we use our combined power and competence to bring to the market better products that contribute to environmental and social awareness.

 my-cups mission

Our Vision

Everything MyCups does is intended to improve everyday life. The consumption of our products is at the center of a concept that we pursue in both directions: upstream tot he source – the coffee and tea farmers in Latin America, Africa and Asia – as well as downstream, all the way to the eco-friendly disposal of used products.

We will not fail to optimize the quality and sustainability of our products across their entire value added chain until there is nothing left to optimize.

 my-cups mission


MODERN TASTE LOVERS. Our entrepreneurial founders Dirk N. Tillmann and Max Sandherr are supported by a diverse team of specialists: coffee and tea experts, engineers, materials scientists, marketing and sales talent, health professionals in the fields of sports and nutrition medicine. So many different personalities, biographies and capabilities – and still we have one thing in common: Our Lifestyle. We lead an active life, we work out, and we make a point out of healthy nutrition. We love great taste, we love nature and we love convenience. All that is combined i our products: high-grade organic coffee and organic tea in organic capsules, aluminum free, and compostable**


CONVENIENT AND SUSTAINABLE: WE WERE SEARCHING FOR A SOLUTION. We all love our coffee and tea, and the quality moments they create in our fast-paced day when time is sparse. Preparation should be quick and simple – but the result should be organic quality with a perfect taste. That is why we love the convenience of our capsule machine. At home or at the office, most of us have a Nespresso®* machine within reach. The capsule ritual has become a daily routine for millions of people. On the other hand, we are also aware of environmental issues. We want sustainable consumption that does not impair the environment, the climate, or our fellow humans. This is why we have developed products that allow us to enjoy excellent taste, high-quality organic ingredients and greatest convenience with a good conscience.



It is our goal to establish the My-Cups family with My-TeaCup and My-CoffeeCup as the new standard for capsules in Europe – the sustainable option that makes aluminum capsules obsolete. We strive to win our customers’ trust in our first-class products and reliable service. And we aim at coining our Aroma Technology into a hallmark for exquisite natural tea enjoyment within seconds.


In Frankfurt an der Oder, Brandenburg, we have found ideal conditions to produce our coffee and tea capsules, to develop new capsule materials and to create new recipes – all so that we can offer our customers the best natural moments of taste enjoyment.


Our ingredients for exquisite coffee and tea enjoyment:


You can’t do a lot wrong if you use only the best ingredients. Therefore, our coffee and tea experts accept nothing but the best qualities. Our coffee beans are cultivated on sustainably managed plantations in Central America, Southern America, and Africa. The origin of our tea ingredients is as multinational as our customers: China, Sri Lanka, India, Germany, Morocco, France, Southern Africa and many more are among the countries in which our tea experts select the best yields from Bio-certified cultivation.


To allow for excellent natural taste from the Nespresso®* machine, our coffee is processed in the most modern, taste-preserving methods – be it the careful selection of Arabica and Robusta Beans our experienced coffee sommeliers, the drum roasting or the solvent-free decaffeination to the Mountain Water process. Our airtight organic capsules preserve the intensive aroma of our organic coffees for a minimum of 18 months.

Our organic tea in organic capsules have put us to the challenge: whilst traditional steeping takes 3 to 5 minutes to extract the full taste, the ingredients will get in contact with water for just a few seconds in a Nespresso®*- machine. It took our engineers some serious research to develop the Aroma Technology – a special mechanical crushing method that prepares our tea leaves, herbs and fruits to fully unfold their wonderful aroma, enchanting scent and intensive color within less than 40 seconds. The result: superb taste at the push of a button, and the most revolutionary tea innovation since the invention of the tea bag in 1908.


We are not a major corporation – we’re just people who dedicate their entire love, passion and knowledge to deliver first-class, sustainable coffee and tea enjoyment and excellent service to our customers. You can place your trust in all products from our Bio-certified establishment!


Organic-certified coffee and tea, capsules without aluminium, mainly made of bio-based raw materials (about 62%) and industrially compostable. You can dispose of them after use in the household waste or in the organic waste bin**. They are packaged in boxes made of recycled material, without any superfluous outer packaging and printed only on the outside - of course with inks that comply with food law.