Charm of Chai

For Nespresso®³

Brings the Orient to you: Our special herbal tea blend

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The "Charm of Chai": He inspires you

Looking for inspiration? Then treat yourself to a spicy-tasting cup of "Charm of Chai" by My Tea Cup. Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine and push the button. Invite the Orient to your home. Strong, aromatic taste. It will take you into the colorful world of the Orient. Rooibos. This is the basis of our ORGANIC herbal tea blend. It balances perfectly with cinnamon, black pepper, cardamom, and ginger. They are said to have a wide range of positive effects on our well-being. Orange peels refresh you with their essential oils. Your inspirational tea moment. Take your thoughts as they come. Fantastic – they cannot be different now.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds

Need plenty of time for your extraordinary tea enjoyment? Not necessary. With My Tea Cup. Our capsules for Nespresso®³ systems let you enjoy an absolutely perfect cup of tea in just about 40 seconds.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Press the button and wait a moment.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
In a few seconds, your tea is ready.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Enjoy your Tea Time with an absolutely perfect cup of tea.


No black tea. But rooibos. It brings an oriental feeling into your cup of tea along with selected herbs and spices.

"Charm of Chai": Oriental spices in your cup

It is very special. "Charm of Chai" by My Tea Cup. Because its basis is not black tea - as usual. But rooibos. It only grows in the Cedar Mountains of South Africa. The bush of the Genista family is very demanding. It needs special climate and special soil properties. Hot and dry in summer. Cold and humid in winter. That's the way it likes to grow. The soil must be sandy. And slightly sour in summer. Then it feels good. The conditions for it to grow are ideal in the Cedar Mountains. Just the same as in case of the tea plant, its quality is best at higher altitudes. Rooibos grows slower, accumulating more minerals. And tastes more aromatic. Also included: ginger. It has not been agreed upon yet where it exactly comes from. Maybe from eastern Asia. The bulbous, hot-spicy plant grows in the tropics and subtropics. Our ginger comes mainly from Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Peru, Tanzania or Vietnam. Depending on where the harvests are best. And orange. Its shell gives your tea a sweet-bitter aroma. The citrus fruit originally comes from China or Southeast Asia. Mandarin crossed with grapefruit. And the result is: the now most commonly cultivated citrus fruit. All over the world. Paraguay, Egypt, South Africa. We mainly source our oranges from there. Would you have known this? In warm countries, the orange remains green. It tastes just as great. It turns orange only when it's cold. And then our spices for the "Charm of Chai": cinnamon, pepper, and cardamom. Of course, they mostly come from Asia. Just like a Chai should.

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Sehr lecker. Kommt auch bei Gästen gut an.


Für mich könnte der Geschmack noch etwas würziger sein. Gerade die Zimtnote ist für mich nicht intensiv genug.


Lecker und außergewöhnlich


Hat eine schön leichte Schärfe und orientalische Note


Ich finde es Klasse, dass ich mit meiner Kaffeemaschine auch Tee zubereiten kann.


Geschmacklich ganz gut. Für mich etwas sehr ingwerlastig, gleichzeitig schnell und einfach zuzubereiten.

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