Coffee Connoisseur's Box w/ machine

For Nespresso®³

180 coffee capsules, 9 varieties plus machine

113.00 EUR

VAT included (12.07 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs


For coffee connoisseurs who go for the big deal: 2 packs of each of our 9 coffee varieties, complete with a capsule machine, at a great price.

1 x Nespresso®³ Essenza Mini
Coffee capsule machine with easy operation, quick heating-up, flow stop functionality and drip tray.

2 x Lungo Bellissimo
A classic for the coffee lover who enjoys “long“ coffees. Well-balanced blend of choice coffees from Guatemala and Uganda Full body and high intensity, almost free of acids. Creamy-nutty aromas with a distinct cocoa note, topped off with a subtle hint of caramel.

2 x Espresso Fortissimo
The classic Italian taste experience. High-grade, dark roasted organic coffees from Peru and Honduras lend an intensive aroma to this strong Espresso. Strong intensity, full body and very mild acidity. Distinctive bitter cocolate aromas complemented by a creamy heart note and a whiff of malt.

2 x Ethiopian High Mountain
Exotic refinement for the connoisseur: our Ethiopian Single Origin. Voluminous body, medium intensity and mild acids. Complex, decidedly African aroma of wild berries with a lingering finish of delicate blossoms.

2 x Lungo Caffè Crema
An intensive, creamy aroma experience for Lungo lovers. Smoothly balanced mix of coffee cherries from Ethiopia and Uganda. Full-bodied blend of high intensity and very mild acidity. Mild taste profile with distinct chocolate aromas, delicate fruit and blossom notes and a phantastic crema.

2 x Ristretto Italiano
The essence of Italian coffee culture: an exquisite blend of coffees from Guatemala and Uganda, featuring the typical strong flavour every Ristretto lover craves. Strong and full-bodied blend of high intensity and mild acids. Tart, slightly bitter headnote, topped off by bitter chocolate and roast aromas.

2 x Caffè Caramel
A high-grade Brazilian coffee that spoils the palate with its mouth-watering caramel toffee flavour. Full body, medium intensity and low acids. Strong natural caramel toffee flavours with subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate.

2 x Caffè Vanilla
A high-grade Brazilian coffee featuring natural vanilla custard flavours and a highly individual note. Full body, medium intensity and low acidity. Strong vanilla custard flavour accompanied by a heartnote of bittersweet chocolate.

2 x Mexican Maya Gold Decaf
Full aroma, zero caffeine – a Mexican Single Origin, naturally decaffeinated without chemical processes. Full body, medium intensity and low acids. Distinct nut and caramel aromas with a sweet scent of wild honey.

2 x Colombian Rainforest Caffè
This single origin from Colombia with its unique and balanced flavor profile is a true superhero. Its mild acidity and full body ensure the perfect enjoyment with a clear conscience. The organic coffee beans come from certified Rainforest Alliance plantations.
The cultivation of the twice-certified coffee focuses on sustainability and social responsibility.

We´d love your feedback on Coffee Connoisseur's Box w/ machine


Das Kaffeepaket ist toll. Nur Kaffeemaschine konnte anders sein (ich meine mit Variante Wahl, zB. Groß oder Klein Geräte)

Sandra Karg

Richtig toll und lecker !!!


Die Maschine ist super und es macht Sinn sich überall mal durchzuprobieren, um so den passenden von diesen leckeren Kaffees zu finden


Die Kaffeemaschine und das Starter-Set stehen jetzt im Büro... Fazit meinerseits: Die Kaffee Sorten sind alle sehr gut... wird schwierig seinen Favoriten zu finden


Schnelle Lieferung, tolles Produkt, schmeckt lecker


Schnelle Lieferung, tolles Produkt, schmeckt lecker

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