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Our Espresso Barista is the perfect choice for espresso enthusiasts who appreciate high-quality organic products.

Developed specifically for espresso connoisseurs by coffee sommeliers, this blend has a strong and rich body with traces of dark chocolate. It will delight your pallet with rich hints of the very best organic Robusta and organic Arabica beans from Tanzania, Colombia, Honduras and Guatemala as well as its sweet caramel touch.

All our coffees, including our Espresso Barista, are carefully drum roasted.

Organic high-altitude coffee from two continents

Arabica beans cultivated in Honduras give the Barista its intensive flavor and a sweet caramel touch, completed by Arabica beans from Colombia and Guatemala as well as Robusta beans from Tanzania.

The Honduran coffee-growing region is mostly a mountainous area where coffee is grown in high altitudes (SHG – strictly high grown). This is why these organic coffee beans take longer to ripen and are harder and denser than beans grown in lower altitudes, which explains their intensive and well-balanced flavor.

Kachalú coffee from Colombia is added to give our Espresso Barista a delightful fruity nuance. This organic coffee is one of the best coffees in the world certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

We use hand-picked organic coffee beans from the Chiquimula region in Guatemala that have been hand-cleaned three times. A careful cultivation process, manual harvesting, and sophisticated processing make for a unique high-quality coffee with a fresh and fruity touch.

Our Barista is rounded off by selected organic coffee cherries from Tanzania. High altitudes and the cool equatorial climate make organic coffee cherries ripen slowly, creating one of the very best coffees to delight your taste buds.

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Für mich der beste Espresso von MY-CUPS. Er schmeckt tatsächlich süßer und runder.


Sehr guter Espresso.


Mein Espresso Favorit. Genau richtig, schön stark und doch angenehm mild.


Mein Espresso Favorit. Genau richtig, schön stark und doch angenehm mild.


Guter und starker Geschmack.


sehr cremig, und nicht zu intensiv.

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