Ethiopian High Mountain Bargain Box 5+1

For Nespresso®³

6 packs of 10 organic coffee capsules in a box

19.60 EUR

VAT included (6.28 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs

5 + 1 Bargain Box Ethiopian High Mountain (Single Origin)

Buy 5 packs and get 1 free! Our Ethiopian High Mountain offers exotic refinement for the connoisseur. The aroma of wild berries and flowers lends a mysteriously exotic charm to this light-roasted Ethiopian Single Origin organic coffee.

This exquisite coffee of medium intensity features a decidedly African aroma, supported by a full body and mild acids. Its exotic wild berries aroma is in perfect harmony with its intriguing and lingering finish of delicate blossoms.

Like all our coffee varieties, Ethiopian High Mountain is drum roasted with great care.

Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience

No more waste from aluminium capsules! Using our compostable² capsules is a great way to play it nice with mother nature.

Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Grab a ventilated box or a bio waste container and fill with some soil
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Add your MyCoffeeCup capsules
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Keep the soil moist to support the composting process
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Use your compost as a natural fertilizer


Our Ethiopian High Mountain is a Single Origin – select organic coffee from one single coffee farm in Ethiopia's Sidamo region.

Ethiopia is the cradle of coffee. As legend would have it, clever goatherds discovered the invigorating, blissful effects of the Arabica crop with its unparalleled aromas more than a thousand years ago. Due to the traditional African dry-processing, the coffee cherry's exotic flavours remain unaltered. Therefore, Ethiopian coffee typically features a strong basic sweetness along with lively fruit and floral aromas, as well as noticeable acids; more nuanced than Southern American varieties, but still less complex than most Asian coffees

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Vor allem die Tatsache, dass hier jede Menge unnötiger Abfall gespart wird, überzeugt. Aber auch der Kaffee ist durchaus schmackhaft.


Mein Lieblingskaffee. Nicht so stark und toller Geschmack.


Kapseln funktionieren mit Krups Maschine super. Kaffee schmeckt ist aber nicht mein Favorit.


Sehr nette Abwechslung, etwas mehr Säure als andere Espressos.


Erstklassige Qualität


Alles wie erwartet. Danke

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