Golden Darjeeling

For Nespresso®³

Our aromatic black tea is a highlight

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The "Golden Darjeeling": He makes a highlight out of your tea break.

Tea break to take a breath? Make a brilliant experience out of it! With the "Golden Darjeeling" by My-TeaCup. Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine and push the button. The result: an absolutely perfect cup of black tea. Darjeeling is one of the finest teas worldwide. And not without reason. It is hand-picked. In the high elevated gardens of Darjeeling. It feels like honey on the tongue. Strong. Full-bodied. Nutty. Our "Golden Darjeeling" is rich in caffeine and pleasantly aromatic. That's what distinguishes it. Thanks to the very special climate that prevails on the tea plantations. Intense fragrance and strong taste. They will take you into a harmonious and powerful world. Enjoy it. Your noble tea moment with "Golden Darjeeling".

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds

Need plenty of time for your extraordinary tea enjoyment? Not necessary. With My-TeaCup. Our capsules for Nespresso®³ systems let you enjoy an absolutely perfect cup of tea in just about 40 seconds.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Remove the aroma seal from the capsule.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Push the button. Your tea is ready in just about 40 seconds.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Enjoy your Tea Time with an absolutely perfect cup of tea.

Energy for in between

Drink "Golden Darjeeling". And enjoy your charging tea break.


Tea leaves from Darjeeling. They are considered the finest. The caffeine in the tea leaves gives you new energy.

"Golden Darjeeling": Luxury from the Himalayas

It is the golden leader of the black teas. And this can be experienced during harvesting. In northeastern India, in the state of Bengal. There it grows, in the tea gardens near the city whose name it carries: Darjeeling. On the southern slopes of the world's highest mountain range – the Himalayas. Mountainous, cool, misty. Therefore, the evergreen tea plant Camellia sinensis thrives there only slowly. With smaller leaves, but especially aromatic. Carefully picked by women. And mostly by hand. But the effort is worth it: first-class quality and exquisite taste. That's what characterizes the Darjeeling. A true luxury product. It is considered one of the finest teas. And it has the highest caffeine content.

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Super Geschmack. Kapsel passt sehr gut in Nespresso Machine.


Lecker, sehr gute Qualität


Toller weicher Geschmack, so wie man es von einem Darjeeling erwartet !!


Alles sehr gut in dem Shop


Ebenfalls guter Geschmack für eine Teekapsel


Schmeckt sehr lecker. Würde ich wieder kaufen.

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