Good Night

For Nespresso®³

Herbal tea with lavender ensures sweet dreams

3.29 EUR

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The "Good Night": He gives you sweet dreams

Actually, you should have been sleeping for a long time. It does not work. Still switched on a bit too much. A cup of "Good Night" by My Tea Cup can help you. Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine, push the button. Already the exquisite fragrance, subtely intertwined with orange and lavender, will take you into a profoundly relaxed world. Sweet and aromatic. That's how your cup of "Good Night" tastes. Thanks to cinnamon, liquorice root and fennel. Let your soul dangle with chamomile and lavender. Your very personal, relaxing tea moment. We wish you a good night. Sweet Dreams!

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds

Need plenty of time for your extraordinary tea enjoyment? Not necessary. With My Tea Cup. Our capsules for Nespresso®³ systems let you enjoy an absolutely perfect cup of tea in just about 40 seconds.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Press the button and wait a moment.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
In a few seconds, your tea is ready.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Enjoy your Tea Time with an absolutely perfect cup of tea.


Herbs like lavender and chamomile. They are sharing your cup with orange and cinnamon. A relaxed composition.

"Good Night": Top quality from all over the world

Many ingredients – many countries of origin – top quality. That's how it looks. In the case of our "Good Night" blend. The main ingredients are fennel, anise, chamomile, melissa, and lemon verbena. The fennel feels good in Mediterranean areas. Warm and rich in nutrients. That's how the soil has to be. Fennel seeds come into the tea. Its umbels are dried upside down after harvesting. We source the beneficial fennel among others from Hungary, China, New Zealand, and Egypt. Also our anise comes from Egypt. Originally it comes from the eastern Mediterranean. Its seeds come into the tea. And the beautiful camomile. Today, its home is the whole of Europe. Also North America and Australia. Our camomile comes from Egypt, Croatia, Hungary or Germany. Fresh and nutrient-rich soil, that's what it likes. It prefers to grow on clay, clay or humus. Lemon balm is also widespread: it unfolds its lemon-scented leaves from Europe to Asia and Africa. We source it from, e.g. Egypt, Poland, Kenya or Greece.

We´d love your feedback on Good Night


Dieser Tee ist ein Muss für angenehme Abende auf der Couch.


Er schmeckt super lecker und ich kann sehr gut in den Schlaf finden


The most popular tea in our house. Kids love it also.


Schmeckt mir leider nicht wirklich.......


Für den Abend der perfekte Tee!


Schmeckt besser als Konkurrenzprodukte und ist dabei auch noch Umweltfreundlicher

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