Mexican Maya Gold Decaf Bargain Box 5+1

For Nespresso®³

6 packs of 10 organic coffee capsules in a box

16.15 EUR

VAT included (5.08 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs

Mexican Maya Gold Decaf – Bargain Box Small 5 + 1

Buy 5 packs and get 1 free! Our heart-warming organic Single Origin offers the full aroma with zero caffeine. Mexican Maya Gold Decaf features a well-balanced nut and caramel aroma and a scent of wild honey. Enjoy a great Espresso or Lungo without increasing caffeine intake.

This premium quality coffee of medium intensity features a full-bodied aroma with barely noticeable acids. Its distinct headnote of nut and caramel flavours is accompanied by a sweet smell of wild honey. Due to elaborate and careful natural decaffeination without chemical processes, Mexican Maya Gold Decaf is up to par aroma-wise with any comparable regular coffee.

Like all our coffee varieties, Mexican Maya Gold Decaf is drum roasted with great care.

Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience

No more waste from aluminium capsules! Using our compostable² capsules is a great way to play it nice with mother nature.

Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Grab a ventilated box or a bio waste container and fill with some soil
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Add your MyCoffeeCup capsules
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Keep the soil moist to support the composting process
Enjoy great coffee with a good conscience
Use your compost as a natural fertilizer


Mexican Maya Gold Decaf is a Single Origin. Its high-grade organic coffee cherries are cultivated on a single plantation in Southern Mexico.

Since the 19th century, Mexico's Chiapas region has been famous for its high-grade Arabicas which have made Mexico the 3rd largest coffee-producing nation in the world. A constant maritime breeze from the nearby Pacific coast adds to the favourable climate in the forelands of the Sierra Madre, creating optimal conditions for the traditional air-drying of wet-processed coffee cherries.

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Superleckerer Kaffee ohne Koffein und schlechtes Gewissen, weil kompostierbar. Das Goodie Caffe Vanilla schmeckt auch sehr lecker. Ich bin Fan von MyCups!


Super Alternative, schmeckt sehr gut nach Kaffee,.

Geschmack ist wunderbar und funktioniert ohne Probleme mit der Nespresso Maschine.


Hier stimmt alles!! ....guter Genuss, große Vielfalt und schneller Versand !


Der Kaffee geht auch nach einem tollen Abendessen, der Schlaf ist gesichert :-))


Einfach sehr lecker

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