My-CoffeeCup Starting Offer

For Nespresso®³

10 plus 2 for free: 6 x lungo, 6 x espresso at a special price

38.75 EUR

29.35 EUR

VAT included (4.70 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs

My-CoffeeCup Starting Offer 10 + 2

Buy 10 packs and get 2 free!

6 x Espresso Fortissimo
The classic Italian taste experience. High-grade, dark roasted organic coffees from Peru and Honduras lend an intensive aroma to this strong Espresso. Strong intensity, full body and very mild acidity. Distinctive bitter cocolate aromas complemented by a creamy heart note and a whiff of malt.

6 x Lungo Bellissimo
A classic for the coffee lover who enjoys „long“ coffees. Well-balanced blend of choice coffees from Guatemala, Tanzania and Colombia. Full body and high intensity, almost free of acids. Creamy-nutty aromas with a distinct cocoa note, topped off with a subtle hint of caramel.

Exquisite coffee pleasure. Sustainable.

A perfect alternative to coffee capsules made of aluminium: our capsules from renewable raw materials – with the best organic Arabica beans. My-CoffeeCup gives you excellent and sustainable coffee pleasure from your Nespresso®³ machine.

Exquisite coffee pleasure. Sustainable.
Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine.
Exquisite coffee pleasure. Sustainable.
Press the button and wait a moment.
Exquisite coffee pleasure. Sustainable.
In a few seconds, your coffee is ready.
Exquisite coffee pleasure. Sustainable.
Enjoy your sustainable "Coffee Break" with an absolutely perfect cup of coffee.

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Kompostierbarkeit - super. Am Geschmack kann manchmal noch etwas zugelegt werden.


Perfekt Mix auch fürs Büro...


Sehr lecker und eine gute Mischung!


Guter Kaffee ohne Alu zum guten Preis


Sowohl der Lungo Bellissimo als auch der Espresso Fortissimo schmecken lecker wie immer!


Absolut super, tolles Aroma. Ich bestelle wieder.

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