Royal Rooibos Vanilla

For Nespresso®³

Warms up your heart: Rooibos meets delicate vanilla

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The "Royal Rooibos Vanilla": He warms up your heart

Classic and yet unique. This is the "Royal Rooibos Vanilla" by My-TeaCup. Classic blend. Unique taste. Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine, push the button. And let it take you into a sensual and warm world. Intense, fine taste. Sweet fragrance. The aromatic rooibos meets delicate vanilla. This combination warms up your heart. Iron, minerals, antioxidants. The good qualities of rooibos are highly appreciated. Enjoy. Listen to your innermost self. And indulge in your beguiling tea moment.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds

Need plenty of time for your extraordinary tea enjoyment? Not necessary. With My-TeaCup. Our capsules for Nespresso®³ systems let you enjoy an absolutely perfect cup of tea in just about 40 seconds.

Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Remove the aroma seal from the capsule.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Insert the capsule into your Nespresso®³ machine.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Push the button. Your tea is ready in just about 40 seconds.
Unique enjoyment in a few seconds
Enjoy your Tea Time with an absolutely perfect cup of tea.

A sensual pleasure

Let yourself be charmed with your cup of "Royal Rooibos Vanilla". Enjoy and relax.


Rooibos is happy. Vanilla accompanies it in your teacup. You are happy too: an unforgettable taste experience. The two of them offer you.

"Royal Rooibos Vanilla": Aromatic pleasure from South Africa

Near Cape Town. It grows only there. Rooibos. In the Cedar Mountains of South Africa. Rooibos tea is even considered a national drink there. The bush of the Genista family is very demanding. It needs special climate and special soil properties. Hot and dry in summer. Cold and humid in winter. That's the way it likes to grow. The soil has to be sandy. And slightly sour in summer. Then it feels good. The conditions for it to grow are ideal in the Cedar Mountains. Just the same as the tea plant, its quality is best at higher altitudes. Rooibos grows slower, accumulating more minerals. And tastes more aromatic. Its processing is similar to that of real tea leaves. The cut takes place between January and March. Then it is fermented. Therefore it is mostly dark in colour. Like black tea. However, it is also available as non fermented. Then it is green. Right, just like green tea.

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Super guter Geschmack- mild und voll und magenfreundlich- der 1. Genuss am Morgen!


Ganz ganz lecker


Sehr aromatisch und voller Geschmack


Mein derzeitiger Lieblingstee. Die kompostierbaren Kapseln finde ich gut. Die Lieferung erfolgte bereits einen Tag nach Bestellung.


Sehr guter Rooibostee mit leckerem Vanillegeschmack! Eignet sich gut als Kapseltee


schmeckt wunderbar! ideal für zwischendurch!

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