SM. Bargain Box COLOMBIAN 5+1

For Nespresso®³

6 packs of 10 organic coffee capsules in a box

19.60 EUR

VAT included (6.16 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs

BARGAIN BOX Colombian Rainforest Caffè 5 + 1

This single origin from Colombia with its unique and balanced flavor profile is a true superhero. Its mild acidity and full body ensure the perfect enjoyment with a clear conscience. The organic coffee beans come from certified Rainforest Alliance plantations. 
The cultivation of the twice-certified coffee focuses on sustainability and social responsibility.

A well-balanced organic arabica coffee with a deep, medium-strong taste. This Colombian coffee is distinctive for its complex aromas nuanced with delicate sweet hints of dried fruit, interspersed with pleasantly mild acidity.

Like all our coffee varieties, Colombian Rainforest Caffè is drum roasted with great care.


The organic coffee grown in Colombia develops its unique aroma on clay soils at altitudes from 1,350 to 1,750 meters. The Kachalù coffee is a great source of pride for the locals. The importance of coffee is profound and stems not only from its quality, but also from sustainable cultivation and social responsibility.

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Verwende diesn Kaffe nicht als Espresso, sondern als Normal, für mich ein sehr guter Geschmack und das ohne Aluminium.


Vollmundiger Kaffeegeschmack mit leichter Süsse. Perfekt für den Morgen.


Sehr geschmackvoller Kaffee.


Super Kaffee und für das grüne Gewissen ist auch gesorgt!


Gute Menge starken, aromatischen, nachhaltigen Kapselkaffees für Solo-Selbstständige für 3-6 Arbeitswochen! =)


Schnelle Lieferung, guter Kaffee, umweltschonend - perfekt!

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