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A characteristic intensive aroma

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Its unmistakable intensive aroma makes our Espresso Intenso the strongest of its kind.

This extraordinary aroma includes a pleasant tangy note, balanced out by the aromas of dark black chocolate. Thanks to the typical, freshly roasted and smokey aroma of the finest organic Robusta and organic Arabica beans from Tanzania, Colombia, Ethiopia and Guatemala, our Espresso Intenso provides a smooth and pleasant taste experience.

Just like all our coffees, our Espresso Intenso is carefully drum roasted.

Blended to achieve an unparalleled intensive aroma

Thanks to the blend of organic Robusta coffee beans from Tanzania and Arabica beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Guatemala, the Espresso Intenso is a truly unique taste experience.

Organic coffee cherries from Tanzania are grown in the Kagara region located near the well-known Lake Victoria. Only the highest-quality organic Robusta coffee beans from farmers who have a comprehensive traceability and quality management process are selected to ensure the very best organic coffee-drinking experience.

Arabica beans from Ethiopia add a sweet lemony touch to the Espresso Intenso. The ideal weather and soil conditions in this huge coffee-growing region translate into top-quality coffee and an astonishing variety.

To intensify the taste, Kachalú coffee from Colombia, which is one of the best coffees in the world certified by the Rainforest Alliance, has been added. These coffee beans are harvested in several villages in the Santander region. Coffee cherries are processed into parchment coffee, fermented for 15 to 16 hours, which makes for a truly special aroma.

As a last step to perfection, selected organic coffee beans from the Chiquimula region in Guatemala are added. This area stands out for its specific microclimate influenced by the Caribbean Sea and the Sierra de las Minas and Monte Cristo mountains.

We´d love your feedback on SM. Bargain Box ESPRESSO INTENSO 5+1


Sehr guter, starker Espresso


Wenn es mal stark sein soll!


Super lecker Kaffee, und gute Preis Leistung!


Toller Geschmack und ein wichtiger Beitrag für die Umwelt


Wenn man seinen Kaffee stark, umweltfreundlich und gesund will ist dieser hier der Richtige. Bio und ohne Alu Plastik ist bei mir Voraussetzung, vom Geschmack her kein Kompromiss!


Super Kaffee, Bio, nachhaltig und vom Geschmack her sehr lecker

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