Special Edition La Perla

For Nespresso®³

Lively and fresh with notes of citrus and ripe apples

4.99 EUR

VAT included (8.91 EUR / 100 g) additional shipping costs

Our new Special Edition: Single Origin Peru La Perla

This specialty coffee from Peru has an individual sparkling acidity that finds the perfect complement with the sweetness of citrus notes. The lively freshness is rounded off by the juicy apple flavor.

The full and fruity body of La Perla offers a balanced taste experience with intense aroma and fine acidity.


Peru as a coffee origin country with great potential

Peru is a country of origin for coffee with enormous potential, but until now it has hardly been on the map for specialty coffees. We would like to change that: With the Norcafé cooperative, we focus on long-term partnerships, quality programs and full traceability of Peruvian coffee.
One of these wonderful projects is "Café Mujer" by the Norcafé cooperative - a community of 10 women who produce LA PERLA community coffee on their small 2 to 3 hectare farms in the Lonya Grande region of Peru's northern Amazon. The coffee gardens are managed exclusively by women - and the coffee production is also carried out by women. Café Mujer's gender strategy is to advance gender justice and equal opportunities for women. In addition to supporting women coffee farmers, the holistic approach includes, for example, preserving soil fertility and biodiversity.
The Norcafé cooperative focuses on growing specialty coffees using organic methods. It grew out of a group of university students and children of small producers. Their goal is to work together to continuously improve quality. Therefore, the Norcafé cooperative brings together quality and sustainability under an ecological spirit of leadership:


We´d love your feedback on Special Edition La Perla


Diese Variante überzeugt ebenfalls.


Leckerer echter Kaffee ohne künstliche Aromen aber mit dezenten Fruchtaromen. Die Vorteilsbox lohnt sich.


schmeckt, biologisch abbaubar und preisgünstig


Super Sonderedition :)


Neu probiert und angenommen - sehr gut!!!


Die Lieferung ist immer extrem schnell. Die Special Edition La Perla finden wir richtig gut. Schade, dass sie nicht als Mega Box bereit steht.

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