Summer Edition Abelino Cordova

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Honey-like sweetness balanced with mild pear acidity

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Our new Summer Edition: Abelino Cordova

Abelino Cordova produces a unique coffee speciality with the Yellow Honey Process at the heights of Peru on his farm Finca San Pedro. Abelino Cordova's speciality is its long-lasting sweetness, which is created by the yellow honey method. Its sweetness is complemented at the end by a soft acidity reminiscent of pear. A perfect interplay of the balanced body of honey-like sweetness and summery aromas of ripe nectarines.


Peru as the home country of a speciality coffee

The new Special Edition comes from Abelino Cordova from Cajamaraca, Peru. He is a small coffee producer who, after years of hard work, has managed to support himself and his young family from his coffee production. Abelino, his wife and his son live exclusively from the coffee products of the Finca San Pedro.

It is located at a dizzying height of 1,650 metres above sea level. At this altitude, the coffee cherries ripen evenly due to the cool nights and warm days. Only red cherries that have reached the highest degree of ripeness are harvested. To guarantee this, Abelino Cordova and his family pick all the coffee cherries by hand.

The Finca San Pedro processes their coffee using the Yellow Honey method. The coffee seeds are removed directly from the fruit after harvesting, leaving it undamaged. The coffee cherries are then dried on raised beds for 16 - 20 hours.

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Auch sehr lecker, gerne wieder.


Sehr interessantes Aroma und super in der Kombination mit Milchschaum


Sehr ansprechend, gerade mein Lieblingskaffee

MY CUPS customer

Perfekt für den Sommer! Richtig lecker :)


Mein neuer Lieblingskaffee!


Kaffeegenuss mal anders lecker

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