Enjoyment with a clear conscience

At MY COFFEE CUP and MY TEA CUP we want to bring together two things that at first seem incompatible: flavour at the touch of a button, and sustainability.


The ability to simply prepare a cup of coffee that suits your mood at the touch of a button is a wonder of modern life. You can spontaneously reach for an espresso, lungo or caffè caramel, simply slot it in the machine and hey presto you have a coffee that tastes like it was prepared by the best barista in town. The perfect flavour at the touch of a button.

But common coffee capsules are made from aluminium or non-compostable plastic. Mineral extraction and the manufacturing processes consume lots of resources and are damaging to the environment. Capsules also account for thousands of tonnes of unnecessary waste every year. People are looking for an alternative, more eco-friendly way of enjoying the simplicity of coffee capsules without supporting processes that exploit nature.

The eco-friendly, climate neutral¹ capsule

Our capsule is a real innovation: air-tight and industrially compostable².

The eco-friendly, climate neutral¹ capsule

  Climate neutral¹ and therefore also carbon neutral

  No aluminium

  Industrially compostable

  Keeps its contents fresh for at least 18 months

  Filled with the best organic coffee and organic tea

  Made primarily from sustainable raw materials (at least 62%)

  Optimised for all standard Nespresso®³ machines

  The first coffee and tea capsules to be certified by ClimatePartner


  The capsule is certified to the OK COMPOST Industrial standard by TÜV Austria and DIN Certco (TüV Rheinland)²

My Cups DE-ÖKO-070

Biodegradability compared

MY CUPS capsules
about 180 days
Banana peel
2 Years
5 Years
cigarette end
7 Years
10-100 Years
aluminum capsule
150-200 Years

All organic. All good.

MY COFFEE CUP and MY TEA CUP use only certified organic coffee and organic tea from sustainable farms. By choosing organic products, you are making the world a little bit better, one cup at a time. Buying organic now means that more plantations can be set up for organic production. That protects the environment in the cultivation regions, and exposes people, animals and plants there to fewer pollutants. It protects the rain forest, the carbon footprint decreases, soils stay fertile, synthetic pesticides and mineral fertilisers are no longer necessary, and water sources stay clean.

That all benefits the diversity which improves wellbeing amongst the local population. And all the while it also improves your own life as a tea or coffee lover, as you get high-quality produce that you can enjoy with a clear conscience.

More and more people are becoming aware of their responsibility as consumers and are switching to organic products. The market shares of organic coffee and organic tea have grown massively in recent years as a result. After all, each cup of organic coffee or organic tea that you drink means that one fewer cup of normal tea or coffee is being consumed.

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