Biodegradability compared

My-Cups capsules
about 180 days
Banana peel
2 Years
5 years
cigarette end
7 years
10-100 years
aluminum capsule
150-200 years

Combining nature and science

The creation of our recipes and selection of organic ingredients are overseen by seasoned experts. We use the most up-to-date aroma-preserving methods to ensure your favorite cup of tea or coffee always tastes perfect. Thanks to our Aroma Technology, we can work with only natural organic ingredients, and thus avoid adding artificial flavor enhancers.

The most eco-friendly capsule, certified by Climate Partner¹

Our bio-certified coffee and tea capsules are an outstanding innovation:

Climate neutral¹ certified

industrial compostable certified

consists mainly of renewable raw materials (at least 62%)

contains no aluminium

filled with high-quality organic ingredients